Outpace Consulting has a comprehensive training offering intended to fit your Agile training needs.  Whether your organization is just beginning your Agile journey, or is in need of more focused, role-based training, we have you covered.  So let’s get started!

Agile Foundations Workshops

The focus of this workshop is to introduce participants to the fundamental concepts, principles and the most common methods for practicing Agile, and give you and your organization a place to start.

SAFe® with Certifications

Ready to start scaling Agile across the enterprise? Learn how to apply SAFe® to your organization. Our certified SAFe practitioners and trainers deliver official SAFe training, complemented with real-world experience and know-how.

Scrum Alliance® with Certifications

If you are ready to move to a more agile approach to software development, Scrum is great place to start. Our Scrum course offerings aid in the application and implementation of the Scrum framework into your culture and individual projects.

Kanban University® with Certifications

A Modern Management Method and Alternate Path to Agility

Lean Agile Leadership Workshops

Achieving any degree of business agility is a team sport – and the leaders in your organization are key contributors in this sport. You should strive to position your enterprises for greater business agility by building creative confidence in leaders faced with ever-increasing complexities and pressure. This series of short (2 hour) topic-specific workshops in business context to create a learning environment that creates a compelling reason to act, by converting traditional management thinking into validated learning to achieve a “mental model reset” in your enterprise to accelerate achievement of business objectives.

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