Our Coaching Approach

Agile Coaching is about helping organizations make transparent their existing constraints through a lean agile lens, in order to facilitate the necessary change of their paradigms, habits and roles to achieve better business outcomes.


Many organizations focus on doing Agile.  At Outpace, we embrace the value that being Agile is much more than the presence of roles, processes and ceremonies.  This is our true north.


Our coaching approach is focused on helping each client discover the approaches that accelerate the achievement of their desired outcomes, in a way that is measurable, predictable and sustainable.  We start by understanding where each client is starting from on their lean agile journey, collaboratively mapping the way forward, all supported through continuous Act-Inspect-Adapt feedback cycles to optimize the transformation process.


Observe & Understand

We start by listening.  We take the time to understand the outcomes that matter most to you and your organization.

Only then can we begin to consider how, when, and if to bring to bear the Lean-Agile principles and tools we have to offer.  Our generic approach will assess and consider several fronts, each of which we consider key in the attainment of sustainable Lean-Agility:

  • Leadership & Organizational Structure
  • Process & Value Stream
  • Teams
  • Values
  • Measurements


Map the Way

All along the way we partner with you to design the next best move as we map our journey toward your desired outcome.  As a team, we will partner with you to chart our course toward each outcome milestone, using the measurements of progress that are meaningful in your context.

We use a mix of approaches and tools, from consulting, to training, to individualized team coaching, all grounded in the basics and principles espoused in the Agile Manifesto.


Act – Inspect – Adapt

We thrive on learning from each action.  In order to minimize the risk inherent in any change, we proceed towards your goals in an iterative manner.  This allows us to collect feedback along the way, and to test the hypotheses we developed in our roadmap.  At each step, we measure, learn, inspect, and adapt to ensure we are getting the results you need.


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