Agile Journey Assessments & Tune-Ups

Already underway in your Agile journey?  Looking for opportunities to accelerate or redirect your journey?  Feeling like your journey has stalled?  Not sure how to measure your progress and/or set goals?  Our coaches can engage at any point in your Agile journey, and at the level you need – whether it be at the team, role, organization – we’re here to help.

Value Stream Identification & Assessments

Agile transformation journeys are difficult enough.  Experience has shown us that understanding how your organization delivers value – the stream of activities, people and functional organizations required to create and deliver value – and then organizing and optimizing around that flow of value, is a key enabler of success with Lean-Agile concepts.   We are experts in helping organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve improved flow of delivered business value.  Let us help you!

Tactical Assessments & Tune-Ups

We can also help you discover and address more tactical opportunities.  We offer coach-the-coach services to help you improve your internal “lean agile change agents” capabilities.  We can help you discover and implement new and improved practices that work in your context.  We can also offer tailored consulting, formal and informal training for individuals as well as groups based our collaborative observations and assessment approaches.

Other Help?

Feel like you need help but don’t know what you need?  No problem!  Let’s talk about it and see how Outpace’s experts can assist.  We’ve been there; chances are we can help.

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