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You're a business leader, charged with improving your organization's results. You hear "Agile", and its promises of higher quality, predictability, earlier value, customer engagement. You hear buzzwords. How do you make sense of it? How do you know where to start? Let Outpace Consulting help.

Why Companies Choose Us

Culture matters. We hire the best and brighest, so we can consistently provide exceptional service to those who entrust us with their business.


In all things we do: honesty and dependability, and a focus on doing what is right for every client.


We build long lasting relationships through trust and enduring honesty


We are life long learners challenging the norms to accelerate your desired business outcomes

Customer Focus

We craft a personalized approach to accelerate achievement of your desired business outcomes


We take responsibility for our actions through shared commitment, transparency, and seamless leadership


We seek to understand your desired outcomes, your strengths and weaknesses; only then can we chart a way forward, with you.

About Us

At Outpace Consulting, we come to work each day committed to making the world better - one client at a time.

“Agility is the ability of an organization to renew itself, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment.”

        McKinsey & Company

Business Agility has become a key corporate attribute.  Seventy percent of companies that were Fortune 1000 ten years ago  have vanished, as they were unable to keep pace with change.  Today’s companies must develop an agility advantage, allowing their enterprise to embrace changes at a matter of routine.

Visit the Agility Health site to complete a free Enterprise Agility Assessment to determine your organizations’ readiness for change. Then contact us to partner with you on your journey to accelerate your achievement of greater business agility.

How We Can Help

We offer a comprehensive selection of services to help your organization along its Lean Agile Transformation journey.  We start from where you are by listening and empathizing.  We partner with you to clearly outline your desired business outcomes, and how we will measure progress against your achievement of these outcomes.  We will then guide you through the creation of a vision and roadmap to guide your journey, while creating transparency and alignment for all involved in your journey.  Next, we will guide you through your transformation milestones all at your desired pace, until you are internally enabled to sustain your ongoing journey without us.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Below are few testimonials from past engagements.

Jane is a great individual with great listening skills and an excellent ability to translate thoughts into achievable objectives and deliverables. Jane helped us implement and design a program that has been very successful to the company and reduced our operating expenses significantly. I would highly recommend her both as an employee and for any business relationship to help you achieve your business goals. She is great at building and maintaining business relationships and is a good consultative selling executive.

Paul D - Chief Security Officer

Jane is a consummate professional who has the foresight to act as a leader on the adoption of technologies designed to enhance the solution development lifecycle and the overall quality of applications delivered to customers. Her leadership and vision in the application security testing initiative taken by Number Six demonstrated her leadership abilities and the vision necessary to identify growth opportunities. As a colleague, she was always a thoughtful contributor to management level discussions.

Dan G - Principal Consultant

Jane is a highly dedicated, energetic professional. Her passion for Agile development and process improvement is boundless and inspiring! She cares deeply about each team's success. Jane always went the extra mile to assist me in developing my skills as an Agile Product Owner and in identifying effective strategies for the team as a whole. It was a pleasure to work with Jane and I sincerely appreciate the guidance and care she demonstrated as our division's Agile Coach.

Meredith B - Agile PO

An amazing performer. Outstanding with customers. Understands how to drive the value proposition. Easy to manage and motivate. Very focused and smart.

Aubrey S - Product Executive

Jane was one of the "go to" people as we tried to advance Rational in some new directions right around the time of the IBM aquisition. Jane had a solid understanding of how our technology helped our customers, and how that brought business value to both the customer and us.

Andy B - Sr Software Engineer

Over the last 1.5 years, I have had the fortune to observe and learn from Jane Tudor in various coaching settings, as she brought to bear her vast lean/agile knowledge and passion to my program. Having worked with many consultants throughout my career, I know that Jane sets herself apart by the simple fact that she takes a stake in her client's success. Her work ethic coupled with an uncommon level of productivity and drive is a game-changer for any organization looking to improve or transform its delivery approaches. Over the last year, I've also had the privilege of pairing with Jane on several lean/agile initiatives and training, where I again benefited from her mentoring and supportive nature. I would recommend Jane to any organization that is serious about uncovering how lean/agile can benefit their approaches to solution development and delivery.

Jeff N. - Enterprise Coach

Jeff is one of the most effective IT management professionals with whom I have had the privilege of working. His professional commitment to the best interests of his clients, permeating clarity of vision, presence of mind and the excellent rapport he creates are key factors in ensuring the success of his projects. Regardless of whether Jeff is leading a stable program or brought in to save one, he is able to make effective and efficient use of the resources he leads.

Antonio P

It was a pleasure working with Jeff. Extremely intelligent, articulate, well versed in the technical and management aspects of running a successful program. He taught me a lot about how to prepare the financial reports that would be most useful to our client (CMS). He is a leader who never loses control of his emotions. I never saw or heard of him losing his temper with anyone for any reason. He is dedicated to getting the job done and knows how to motivate people to perform their best.

Tim B

I have been working with Jeff on several BI Initiatives in the past couple of years and I can categorically say that his Professionalism , Technical leadership & Project management skills were key factors in making these project implementations successful . Jeff is a calming yet disruptive force when it comes to provoking us to think more strategic about the value proposition behind a well thought out BI environment (people, process and technologies). I have continued to gain a great deal of valuable knowledge from him and expect that pipeline to continue to flow for many years to come.

Vivek S

As colleagues at PHH, I relied on Jeff for project background and guidance. His accessability and easy manner encouraged the inquiries that then helped me to more confidently navigate the project at hand. Throughout our tenure together, I found that Jeff positively balanced his advocacy of business and client concerns with the strategic direction and goals of both the IT department and the organization as a whole.

Susan M

I worked with Jeff for 5 years at Nationwide Provident. Jeff was a tireless and dedicated leader. as a colleague and peer of Jeff's we served as members of the technical leadership team. Jeff's professionalism, ability, and work ethic were things that I admired most about him. His ability to produce and deliver are the things that have made and will continue to make him successful in his professional endeavor.

Rob A